What is AssetLock®?


AssetLock® is a communication tool developed to help users stay informed on their retirement accounts without having to constantly watch the markets. Sleep easier with AssetLock® Personal! With this powerful software you get personalized portfolio-monitoring for your TSP, 401(k), 403(b), and more! Get customized alerts when your account: reaches a new all-time high, is nearing your AssetLock Percentage, and when your account drops by the AssetLock Percentage you get to determine. Whether you want an alert if your TSP drops 5% or your 401(k) drops 15% - AssetLock allows you to custom tailor when and how you receive your notifications (text, email, app notification).

How does AssetLock® work?


AssetLock® Portfolio Monitoring

Imagine you have a $100,000 balance in your SEP IRA and want to take advantage of the the markets gains during this bull-market without having to be on ‘high-alert’ watching the market every day for the inevitable correction. No problem! Employ AssetLock® to alert you if your account were to ever drop a pre-determined percentage from its ‘High-Water Value’ (ex. get notified if your account drops by 10%) so that you can rest easy knowing your life’s savings is being monitored 24/7/365 while you are out living your life!

AssetLock is a game-changer for Federal Employees, Families, and Business Owners alike!


How Much Does AssetLock® Cost?

First, ask yourself how much NOT having AssetLock could cost you in the next bear market?

Thankfully your election to work with one of Walker Capital’s Premier CPA Partners comes with access to AssetLock at NO COST!

Our goal in offering AssetLock is to bring additional value to your existing CPA relationship while providing the option to receive critical market insights. We utilized a portion of our marketing budget to secure an ‘Unlimited Plan’ from AssetLock - allowing us to provide AssetLock® Personal at no cost to you.

This gives you the ability to not only apply the AssetLock® alert system to your TSP (Retirement Accounts) but also to share AssetLock® with your friends and family!

(Someone’s going to be popular!)


Get Started With AssetLock®

Whether You Prefer To Get AssetLock Online Or Mobile, Setting Up AssetLock® Is Easy!


What’s AssetLock® Mobile?

It’s how you ensure that critical information is communicated to you in a timely fashion - no matter where you are! Set which alerts you want and how you want to receive them… and go!

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AssetLock® FAQ

AssetLock™ was designed to provide investors with added peace of mind through the following benefits:


AssetLock™ provides monitoring for investment accounts. If your portfolio experiences loss to the point of reaching your AssetLock™ Value, you and your advisor will be notified. You’ve worked hard for your money; let AssetLock™ help you protect it.


It’s your money, and you deserve to know everything about it. AssetLock™ advances transparency by giving you additional visibility of your portfolio values. Through secured online access and a user-friendly format, you can view your investment account and their value at any time. Don’t just hope for transparency; get it with AssetLock™.


As markets fluctuate over time, remaining committed to your investment strategy can be a daunting task. But, as history proves, sticking to your investment strategy is essential to your success. With AssetLock™, you, your AssetLock™ Equipped Advisor, and your portfolio manager have a clear plan in place based on your risk tolerance.


Communication is the foundation to any successful relationship, especially one involving your assets. AssetLock™ furthers communication by keeping you informed throughout the duration of your investment relationship. Through AssetLock™, you and your AssetLock™ Equipped Advisor define your investment objectives and select the portfolio model accordingly. AssetLock™ helps ensure that your advisor and portfolio manager know exactly what your risk threshold is, the maximum targeted amount of downside you are willing to accept. You and your advisor will be notified about changes in your portfolio.


Security considerations are second to none with AssetLock™. AssetLock™ supports multiple custodians such as, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab. AssetLock™’s secure infrastructure houses the AssetLock™ application and its associated data. AssetLock™ employs industry-standard best practices across a variety of processes, devices, and platforms to deliver a layered security approach that investors and advisors can be confident in. In general, there are three main areas AssetLock™ considered in setting up this infrastructure: server-level security, application-level security, and process-level security. Multiple controls exist within each layer to monitor and protect data both at rest and in transit. There’s no room for error when housing your finances; let AssetLock™ help you secure your assets.