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Financial Planning for the Empowered Entrepreneur


Creating the Time

As a business owner your time is in high demand, whether it’s focusing on how to grow your business, hiring the right people, or perfecting your craft, you are constantly challenged with decisions that will impact your bottom line.  You walk an entrepreneurial tightrope – trying to find the time to balance the immediate needs of your organization with the long-term opportunities for its future expansion.  Most business owners are driven self-starters that pour themselves into their business - often leaving precious little gas in the tank to fuel a personal financial plan.


Both the billionaire and the beggar have only 24-hrs in a day, so your business’s success is dependent on your ability to use those hours effectively.
Business owners are so focused on making a living that we forget we have the unique freedom to truly design a life.


Financial Planning with Co-Mingled Assets

To further complicate things, your personal finances are often inextricably linked with your businesses cash flow and, as such, the financial stability of your business is co-mingled with the economic security of your family.  It is very common for a majority of your personal wealth to be tied up in your company as most owners view their business as their primary asset and fully expect to leverage it to achieve their financial goals.  While everyone has the dream of generating the wealth that comes from a successful business, few are prepared for the associated tax burden and fewer still have a plan in place to effectively build and efficiently transfer that wealth when they surrender the reins.


Only 30% of privately held businesses survive into the second generation, and less than 15% survive into the third.
— Nuveen Business Owners
Less than 25% of business owners have a formal plan for transferring their business to a new owner when approaching retirement.
— American Express Open Forum


Simplifying the Process

We specialize in helping successful business owners cultivate financial balance and purpose, driven by their own definition of success and vision for the future.  We work with you to highlight the issues specific to business owners and help you understand the unique financial opportunities that owning your business affords you.  Establishing a solid plan and eventual exit strategy is critical to the long-term viability of any business in the same way that a sound personal financial plan is essential to designing a financially independent retirement.


A savvy business owner knows that the delegation of these functions to the right team of experts is not only fiscally rewarding but, more importantly, allows you to free up your most irreplaceable assets – your time, energy and passion.


Strategies For Success

Through our strategic alliance with CPA’s specializing in small business accounting, it is WCPG’s goal to simplify the business owner’s planning process by providing an integrated financial blueprint encompassing both your personal and professional goals - empowering you to focus your time on providing exceptional value to your clients.  Our collaborative approach allows you effectively manage the moving components of your business finances and works to leverage strategies that will help you achieve your personal financial goals – while still moving your enterprise forward unhindered.


Our process coordinates with your business in each stage of it’s lifecycle to help answer:

  • Are you using all the tax-efficient strategies available to you as a business owner and high-income individual?

  • Do you contribute the maximum allowable annual amount to tax-deferred vehicles such as qualified retirement plans?

  • Are you leveraging a top-quality retirement plan to attract and retain key personnel?

  • Are you prepared to weather business disruptions - such as the loss of a key partner - or other threats to income continuity?

  • Is your charitable giving optimized to minimize your tax burden?

  • Does the insurance protection that encircles your assets offer tax benefits as well?

  • Do you have adequate insurance policies and risk management strategies in place to protect you from the financial demands of professional and personal liability claims?

  • How comfortable are you with your leadership succession plan?

  • Have you made provisions for transitioning the company to a new owner when you retire?

  • If you intend to turn your company over to a relative, what steps have you taken to minimize estate taxes and equalize distribution payments to non-involved family members?

  • What is your business currently valued as being worth and will your financial independence depend on the proceeds of the sale of your business?

  • What is the timeline for maximizing your businesses value before exiting?

  • What are your financial needs and sources of income after your exit in retirement?

  • Is critical information pertaining to your finances communicated to you in a timely fashion?



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