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Capitalize on Business Success

Most business owners depend on their business to provide current income, with the objective of using the future sale proceeds from the business to meet retirement income needs, or to provide family survivor income needs. Some business owners may also see their business continuing in the hands of family members who will continue its successful operation, extending the financial benefits far into the future. However, many business owners never take the time to plan how this will actually happen; discovering too late, for example, following the untimely death of a co-owner, that the time for planning has gone by.   

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Buy - Sell Agreement

…If you're a business owner, you may not have planned sufficiently for the future if a buy-sell agreement hasn't been drawn.  A buy-sell agreement decrees how a business, or share of a business, will be transferred upon death, disability or retirement.  A buy-sell agreement can be between partners, between a business entity and its stockholders, or between an owner and a key employee.  It predetermines who will receive a business or its share, how the sale or transfer will be funded and it provides a means for paying personal estate taxes after the transfer.

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Fully Funded 412(e)(3)

Saving for retirement – as important as we all know it is - isn’t always easy. For most people there are bills to pay, children to educate, and businesses to manage – expensive undertakings that often relegate saving for retirement to the back burner. Unfortunately, by the time many people are finally in a position to start putting substantial money aside for retirement, federal tax law limits the amounts they are able to defer into 401(k) and other retirement savings plans.

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