Q. How to Find a Financial Planner with expertise in your areas of need?

A. Though one might be referred to a financial advisor in a number of ways— a personal or professional referral, via the internet, for example— the decision to engage a financial advisor is best made by making personal contact, accepting a free consultation, considering the professional qualifications and experiences of the advisor, and then trusting your intuition to choose someone in whom you trust. A good financial advisor will become part of the family, someone who wants to be included in all the important decisions you make in life and the important events that happen along the way.


Q. What is financial Planning?

A. It can help to think of Financial Planning as “Financial Life Planning”, in that it is the process of planning for the financial aspects of the needs and consequences of the major events in our life— working, saving, buying a home, marriage, having children, paying for you children’s education, saving for retirement, earning an income when retired, and passing one’s wealth on to family upon death. Good planning will also consider unexpected events such as illness, job loss or an untimely death


Q. How often do you reevaluate my plan/investments?

A. The frequency of meetings/conversations varies from client to client, according to individual preferences and circumstances. After completing our initial comprehensive financial planning effort, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients on all aspects of their financial decision making. With our communication tools, such as AssetLock, we are able to provide account critical information when you need it most but we recommend that progress on all financial plans be reviewed at least annually and be thoroughly re-evaluated at least every two to three years.


Q. Is there any obligation if I were to review my situation with your firm?

A. Absolutely not! We would like to offer you a FREE, one-hour private consultation (in person, if possible) – at absolutely no obligation to you. We’ll begin with a brief phone conversation to understand your current situation and objectives, and share with you our thoughts about the meeting.


Q. are you an independant financial planner?

A. Yes and we at WalkerCPG view this as a critical component of keeping your needs at the forethought of our planning and of being able to provide ‘best of breed’ solutions and services to our clients!


Q. Can You Help with my tax planning needs?

A. Although tax considerations permeate all of our analyses and recommendations, and although we have a great deal of individual tax experience, we do not directly prepare tax returns. We routinely work with our clients’ accountants to ensure a two-way exchange of information, facilitating the accountant’s return preparation and an accurate view of our clients’ tax situation. With our extensive experience and contacts, we can recommend tax preparers to clients who will benefit from this assistance. If you do not currently have an accountant or CPA, we can refer you to one.

Q. Can You Help with my Estate planning needs?

A. Although Estate Planning considerations are considered in all of our analyses and recommendations we have the relationships to help facilitate a full Estate Plan from our friends at Estate Planning Design Services LLC. We at WalkerCPG view having a sound estate plan as a critical component of establishing a well rounded financial plan.