Are You Taking Too Much Risk?

The old way of quantifying risk, with subjective questionnaires and age-based stereotypes, left a lot of room for interpretation and even more for error.  It is difficult to convert generic risk tolerance terms into an ideal allocation because 'a little bit of risk' can mean an abundance of different things to different people in different situations around different parts of the country.  

That is why our planning approach utilizes a personalized "Risk Number" - a number on a scale of 1-100 that quantifies risk and is determined using Nobel Prize-winning technology.  Integrating this cutting-edge technology not only allows us to quantify how much risk you are comfortable with, it also allows us to input your current investment portfolio to quantify how much risk your assets are exposed to!  We can then stress test these models, with your retirement goals in mind, to optimize your portfolio allocation for success.

"Establish Your Risk Number.  Define Your Goals.  Align Your Portfolio.  Design Your Retirement."